StarQuest Data Replicator Plus v5.24 Release Notes

August 2021


StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR) is a replication software product that allows you to copy data between IBM Db2, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server database environments.

The base StarQuest Data Replicator software runs on Windows and provides full refresh replication, which copies all the source data that you specify for replication, regardless of when that data was last replicated. This provides a “snapshot” of the specified source data at the time of replication.

SQDR Plus is a separately licensed component that provides incremental replication support for SQDR users. Incremental replications copy only the data that has changed, reducing the amount of data that is transferred and allowing the replication to occur more frequently.

SQDR Plus also provides the following advanced features:

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to SQDR Plus Quick Start Guide for detailed information about installing StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for the first time. The SQDR Plus Quick Start Guides include instructions for installing both SQDR and SQDR Plus. Refer to the SQDR Control Center (SQDR Manager) Online Help for detailed information about using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus software.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus introduces the following new features and improvements:

Previous recent new features:

Upgrade Considerations

This procedure is not necessary if SQDR Plus is being installed for the first time.

System Requirements

You can install and run the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus on computers running the following software:

You can replicate data from the following source database systems:

IBM Db2 LUW 11.5.5 (bundled with SQDR Plus) is installed on the computer running SQDR Plus for use as a control database and temporary store; it can also be used as the control database for SQDR.

SQDR Plus requires Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 runtimes on Windows. The SQDR Plus installer will install the Microsoft-supplied Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 Redistributable package if it is not already present on the system. The Microsoft Redistributable package will remain on the system if SQDR Plus is upgraded or uninstalled.

SQDR Plus is managed using a browser and SQDR Control Center. The following browsers are supported:

FixPak and PTF Notes

This section describes specific IBM issues and the FixPak and PTFs that may be necessary for StarQuest Data Replicator Plus to function properly.

Installing and Using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Software

Known Issues

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
5.24.0827 Aug 2021 15371 - Installer: update to MySQL binlog-connector 0.25.2
15379 - Linux/AIX installer: set umask
15401 - Oracle: handle Undo operation if missing ROWID
15403 - Oracle: handle loss of continuity with logminer
15425 - Detect if iSeries table is "partitioned" and modify CV filter accordingly
15443 - exception with Startup Mode/Force New Baselines when no subs exist
15444 - Oracle: LOB table operations spanning transaction log files can cause Logminer to return incomplete information.
15449 - MSSQL Server: Don't stage trailing blanks of fixed length fields
15452 - Oracle: Improve handling rollback of partially processed transaction with paralellism after worker restart.
15453 - Oracle: improve LogMiner behavior from active logs
5.23.0710 Jul 2021 15290 - Installer: update to JRE 1.8.292
15293 - Installer: update to JTOpen 10.6
15298 - Installer: update MySQL binlog-connector to 0.25.1
15350 - Oracle: Improve support for RAC environments and non-continuous mining
15353 - Installer: use StarSQL Jumbo packages in templates
15363 - Oracle/Informix: Rare null pointer exception can occur when source table is altered
15364 - Db2/LUW: No data staged for dropped subscribed table
15366 - SQDRPlus Agent on Linux/AIX timezone issue
15367 - Use StarSQL Jumbo packages for connections to staging database
15384 - Oracle: improve handling of non-RAC agent configured for multiple logminer sessions.
5.22.0415 Apr 2021 14654 - Installer: update to SQL Server JDBC 9.2.1
15168 - Informix Serial8 data type staged incorrectly
15175 - Oracle: option to only read from archive logs
15054 - Installer: update Oracle JDBC to 21.1
15133 - Linux installer: update DB2 templates
15183 - Installer: update to JTOpen 10.5
15212 - Oracle: Default filtering & data for sub-partitions
15214 - Oracle: SQLCODE=-302, SQLSTATE=22001 when staging update for certain table with XML column
15220 - Linux installer: use JRE bundled with Db2
15221 - Oracle: Log worker improvements
15222 - Oracle: improvements
15207 - Installer: update JRESQ to 8.282
15236 - Oracle: Document/prompt new configuration properties
15237 - Oracle: Online operation sometimes fail to flag "snapshot needed"
15238 - Informix: Metadata lookup failure
15263 - Control Center: Eliminate use of QSH
15269 - Installer: update to MySQL binlog-connector 0.25.0
15249 - eliminate requirement of "sqdr" name for Windows user
15279 - Oracle: improve handling of RAC configurations
15285 - Microsoft SQL Server Change Tracking: Introduce minimum delay between checking for available changes
5.21.1230 Dec 2020 14770 - Installer: replace Oracle JRE with OpenJDK
15042 - Installer: update DB2 templates to 11.5.x
15050 - Installer: DB2 templates - increase LOGFILSIZ & CATALOGCACHE_SZ
15088 - Oracle: Hierarchy in GUI is incorrect adding multiple agents for the same pluggable database
15101 - Oracle: Improve performance by parsing log records on different thread than where LogMiner records a fetched.
15102 - Oracle: error parsing text column.
15116 - Informix: Provide non-null "default" value for non-nullable columns to be staged
15126 - Oracle: Improve Parsing logic
15127 - Oracle: Handle partitioned data with pluggable database or without dictionary
15145 - Help: modernize terminology
15151 - Oracle: Implement configurable optimizer hint for LogMiner SQL
5.20.0929 Sept 2020 14964 - Maintain JDBC Connection in Subscription Monitor
14965 - Informix: "Unsupported data type" error message - add table name
14968 - Stage Timetamp with scale up to 9 as TIMESTAMP instead of VARCHAR
14969 - SQL Server CDC: Improve handling of update records
14970 - Informix: Flag subscription as either dropped (or altered) when break is detected
14974 - SQL Server CDC: new agent can't share staging database
14977 - Reduce memory usage and control database connections
14978 - [Informix to SQL Server] Boolean to bit data: The IR changes failed to apply (.ReplicationException: Logic error: Unsupported data type) - baseline snapshot works as expected
14983 - Windows: Timeout message when stopping SQDR Plus Launch Agent Service
14997 - MS SQL Server: Table with DATETIMEOFFSET column is marked as Altered on agent restart
15013 - Auto bind new SQDRPx packages on SQDR+ upgrade
15019 - Oracle 19c: Explicitly exclude Data Guard archive log files from calls to LogMiner
15021 - Installer: changes for autobind of StarSQL packages in SQDRPn
15034 - iSeries: Agent does not always generate change vector (when compareChangeData is true)
15039 - DB2/LUW: Error in partition lookup
5.19.0727 Jul 2020 14033 - Windows installer: need a method to specify target directory of subinstallers - create PRQ.BAT
14941 - DB2 UDB LUW: Implement support for LOB Manager log formats
5.18.0625 Jun 2020 14716 - update sqdr+ help - table of source properties by DBMS type
14857 - Installer: update to JTOpen 10.3
14881 - Oracle: Oracle 19.7 returns different NEXT_CHANGE# (9295429630892703743) for active log.
14883 - Create new staging table generations (as needed) on Warm Restart
14884 - Detect (and flag) ALTER TABLE events that don't require staging table modifications
14888 - Installer: update to Oracle JDBC 19.6
14896 - Control Center GUI changes
#1 Group agents from the same source system in a hierarchy
#2 Let user chose to use an existing control database when adding new agent
14897 - Oracle: Agent can double-stage log entries when not using continuous mining (Oracle 19 and newer)
14902 - Oracle: Update staged without key columns for altered table
14911 - DB2 LUW: implement logreader via stored procedure on source
14918 - DB2 LUW: correct behavior on "indirect" delete
14925 - Changes after ALTER TABLE can be pruned if client does not immediately act on ALTER indication
14927 - DB2 LUW: Intermittent Array Index out of bounds exception
14928 - DB2 LUW: Agent stops reading log records after seeing rollbacks when reading log records using new stored procedure method
latest Visual Studio redistributables
5.17.0417 Apr 2020 14833 - Oracle: Extra LogMiner update record can be left in staging table after "undo"
14841 - Informix: Logic error: CDC_REC_UPDAFT. No change data available for <table>
5.16.0401 Apr 2020 14793 - Oracle: Agent does not correctly detect growth of character columns on Alter (revised fix)
14813 - Oracle: T1 Read Bytes statistics counter can overflow and become negative
14815 - Agent can inadvertently replay transactions for client groups configured "Use SELECT DML"
14819 - DB2 LUW: If a log reader is stopped/fails when processing updates that grow VARCHAR data, the subscription can be flagged as needing new baseline
5.15.0309 Mar 2020 14791 - [SQDR Control Center/Help] The link for 'Maintaining the Order of Transactions.' cannot be opened
14793 - Oracle: Agent does not correctly detect growth of character columns on Alter.
14794 - Informix: harmless SEVERE log message for a normal CLOB update
14802 - Provide agent metadata in a form that can be queried
14803 - Oracle: Statistics counter changes
14804 - Informix: Nullpointer exception (agent does recover) after delete subscription.
5.14.0220 Feb 2020 14212 - Email notification & TLS/SSL
14768 - replaySubscriber/replaySubscription & obfuscation
14774 - SQ47114711JED column (collectLogDetail=true) & obfuscation
5.13.0130 Jan 2020 14753 - Installer: JTOpen 10.2
14764 - Informix: savepoint improvements
14765 - Informix: data type for LVARCHAR columns larger than 32700
14766 - Obfuscation & error returns
Package with InstallShield 2019R3
5.12.1209 Dec 2019 14720 - Oracle: Filter not refreshed when adding publications for pluggable databases.
14724 - Oracle: OracleDictionary=false & LOB staging
14729 - Allow setting JVM Options for the capture agents
14740 - Installer: build wrapper binaries with VS2017 and add version resource to source
5.11.1112 Nov 2019 14632 - iSeries/TABLEINFO: return result column as varchar instead of clob
14681 - iSeries: Issue "Warning" message on agent pause
14687 - Oracle: Implement option to log mine without Oracle Dictionary
14688 - Oracle: Support "requirePublication" filtering for pluggable databases.
14693 - Make the less common configuration properties case insensitive.
14694 - Informix: Read multiple log records at a time from ifxSmartBlob
14700 - Oracle: improve error handling
14701 - Informix: Implement Compare Change data support
14702 - Informix: Update before record can be lost on agent restart (rare)
14707 - Informix: better handling of int8 datatype
5.10.1007 Oct 2019 12167 - Obfuscate jar files
14023 - MySQL: eliminate msgs related to multiple agents connecting to same database server (connection reset every 60 secs)
14425 - Installer: update to Oracle JDBC 19.3
14343 - OracleLogMiner exception thrown converting string to timestamp
14484 - Upgrade CT/CV table14553 - Handle DDL changes without data loss (in progress)
14546 - Installer: update to MySQL binlog-connector 0.21
14567 - Installer: update to JTB 9.8
14569 - MSSQL CT: error XACT_METADATA_INVALID should retry instead of force baselines
14570 - More parallel processing when adding internal subscriptions for publications
14573 - Oracle: Improve troubleshooting of missing transaction log files
14578 - SQL Server Change Data Capture: improve handling of ALTER of source table
14579 - Linux installer: jping & ij - fix path to JRE
14589 - Oracle: Address storage full recovery
14597 - Add indicator columns to staging tables for MySQL and Informix
14599 - Informix: Control Table base class - issue deleting rows on source system
14607 - Avoid Transaction logging check when advancing
14612 - Informix: adjustments to source control tables
14613 - MS SQL Server CDC - new columns in SQL2016sp2 & later
14614 - DB2 for iSeries: detect if journaling for a table changes from *AFTER to *BOTH
14617 - Informix: delete old uppercase control tables, and copy publications from SQ_CATALOG to sq_catalog
14628 - Control Center: disable directory browsing of the help directory
14613 - MS SQL Server CDC: new __$command_id column causes rebaseline.
14630 - Installer: support for DB2 LUW 11.5 - use db2jcc4.jar
14636 - iSeries: detect change/add/delete of primary key
14642 - Oracle: MissingCommit records leave incomplete transactions
14647 - Avoid generating copyDone message when MoveSubscription is called
14648 - SQL Server CDC: Subscription created after "Alter table drop column" cannot see incremental changes.
14649 - Control Center: Allow numeric values to be entered using numeric keypad (e.g. port number)
14652 - Installer: touch conf/ only on fresh install
14653 - MySQL: detect ALTER TABLE statements that use unqualified table names
14576 - Oracle: support for Oracle 19c
14671 - Turn on Auto Reorg for staging database
14672 - Installer: DB2 templates - AUTO REORG
5.07.0321 Mar 2019 14541 - Oracle: supplemental logging on ALTER
14542 - Oracle: Add support for LONG and LONG RAW
14543 - Oracle: handling of Inserts caused by ALTER TABLE SHRINK SPACE
14552 - Informix: DECIMAL data for columns containing floating point values (11.50)
14553 - Oracle: Adding a deleting publications can cause change data to be left in orphaned transactions
5.06.0221 Feb 2019 14530 - iSeries: adjust tagJournal method of service program
14531 - Convenience features in Control Center
14532 - Oracle: detection of ALTER/DROP/TRUNCATE issues
5.05.0212 Feb 2019 14416 - Installer: update to JTB 9.7
14513 - Installer: update to mysql binlog-connector 0.18.1
14521 - iSeries: Allow Archive subscriptions for tables with MINENTDTA(*FLDBDY)
14522 - Increase default size of diagnostics log
14524 - Installer: update to SQL Server JDBC 7.2
14515 - iSeries: Recovery when USRSPC object are locked by operating system
14516 - iSeries: Publishing or adding subscription: avoid long-running locks on source table
14526 - Allow subscriptions and groups to be deleted when an agent is disabled
5.04.0128 Jan 2019 14504 - Oracle - updating lob only on table w/no key or index and surpassing 4K boundary
14506 - Installer: update to JRE 1.8_202
14507 - Oracle - Better ROWID detection
14514 - iSeries: Stage invalid Decimal data as zero, rather than throwing exception.
5.03.1311 Jan 2019 14435 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_191
14438 - Informix: Staging error with VARCHAR(<=255) when content is longer than 127 characters
14443 - Return bitmap containg all columns that have staged data for an image
14451 - Installer: StarAdmin shortcut - adjust path to javaws
14452 - LUW: Detect ALTER TABLE <name> DROP COLUMN <name>
14457 - Informix: create sq_properties using lower case
14461 - Oracle: Deleting subscriptions while agent is congested can cause nullPointer exception in log entry processing
14473 - LUW: Implement compareChangeData for DB2 LUW
14495 - SQL Server Agent does not recover from socket write error
14496 - Rebuild of sq_mdcache at startup due to orphaned entries
14498 - Allow Specification of Network Compression for Oracle 12c JDBC connections
5.02.1018 Oct 2018 14421 - Informix: error reading logs
14422 - iSeries: improve substitution for bad date formats
14431 - Use MySQL JDBC 5.1.47 (revert 14306)
14432 - Update Db2 templates
14434 - Linux Installer: convert DB2 templates to 64-bit
5.01.0907 Sept 2018 14306 - Upgrade to MySQL JDBC 8.0.12
14351 - Installer: update to JRE 1.8_181
14358 - Windows installer: update to InstallShield 2018
14359 - Windows installer: update to VS2017 redistributables
14370 - Support for MySQL 8.0.x (side affect of using MySQL 5.1.47 & 8.0.12)
14373 - Control Center: connect to v3 Agent
14383 - Installer: Update to SQL Server JDBC 7.0
14385 - Publishing: checkbox to export script
14396 - Windows Installer: change system dynamic port range
14400 - Installer: increase JAVA_HEAP_SZ for DB2 11.1
14406 - Oracle: Look at agent configuration settings and table attributes(keys) when deciding what supplemental logging to apply
5.00.0710 July 2018 13904 - Installer: update Oracle JDBC driver to 12.2
14104 - Installer: update SQL Server JDBC to 6.4.0
14069 - Installer: update MySQL JDBC to 5.1.46
14293 - Installer: update JTB to 9.5
14285 - Installer: update to JRE 8_171
14305 - Installer: update mysql-binlog-connector to 0.16.1
14047 - Windows installer: adjust scheduled task for activating DB2 SQDRC for DB2 11.1 & cluster
14320 - Support Oracle Primary/Unique Index supplemental logging
14321 - When publishing from Oracle, checkbox to bypass grants with autoGrant
14322 - Provide Detail when table flagged as altered/deleted
14324 - Windows installer: remove StarSQL_SSL14.jar
4.98.0425 Apr 2018 14250 - support for @tz macro
14254 - provide agent option to disable "autoGrant" that provides means to disable use of unconditional Grant on user tables
14256 - SQL Server: allow creation of agent to a database with hyphen or other non-standard characters in name
14276 - SQL Server CDC: Improve performance when processing large backlog
14284 - Oracle: SQDRPlus stages fixed length character data without leading blanks
4.97.0228 Feb 2018 14200 - iSeries agent congestion message after encountering new receiver
14217 - Oracle Virtual Column cannot be staged by agent
14237 - MySQL: Handle date values read from binlog if in a timezone west of UTC
4.96.1327 Jan 2018 14151 - modify SQDR Plus to work with JRE 9
14176 - DB2 LUW 10.1 and later: Support staging of inline LOB source data
14177 - DB2 LUW: parsing log record for Timestamps with non-default fraction
14179 - Installer: remove db2detaildeadlock monitors from DB2 backup templates
14184 - connection timeout to LaunchAgent should not stop individual Capture Agents
14166 - Control Center Help not functional in Chrome v63
14190 - Installer: Update JRE to 1.8_161
14196 - iSeries: Agent parsing (and staging) of TIMESTAMP with scale other than 6
14198 - Oracle: handling of XMLType
14205 - new StarQuest mail server configuration
4.95.1114 Nov 2017 14122 - Stage before image for deleted rows
4.93.1101 Nov 2017 14102 - Add new subscription Option to allow the client to collect before images without passing a where clause
4.92.1023 Oct 2017 14049 - Oracle: issues with tables with geometry column, even if the column is not included in the replication
14086 - Missing SQ_SUBFFD prevents publications/subscriptions
14101 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_151
4.91.1002 Oct 2017 14066 - Installer: update to JTB 9.4
14067 - iSeries: avoid unexpected lock on sq_subffd
4.90.0912 Sep 2017 Support for incremental replication from MySQL
13908 - SQDR Plus Add Agent - START agent option disabled in some cases
13915 - MSI installer: changes to support MySQL
13916 - Build scripts: changes to support MySQL
13917 - Installer: update to JTB 9.3
13952 - Provide cold start->"online" ("Force New Baselines") Recovery option
13955 - Add "published tables" based default oracleFilter criteria
13959 - Improve startup time for agents with many Subscriptions
13975 - Improve visibility of Congested condition in agent.
13978 - iSeries - update t2_lagtime while processing large numbers of rows on agent startup
13979 - Support BOOLEAN datatype for DB2 LUW 11.1
13981 - Allow customization of agent name (for display in Naviation tree)
13982 - Handle Oracle Delete operation in same transaction as Insert (when delete is not logging all columns)
13985 - Control Center: display larger number of agents in Agent Overview Panel
13986 - iSeries lag time statistics when agent is in different timezone than source DB
13996 - Oracle: Improved handling of un-deletes
13999 - Oracle: handle incomplete update record
14011 - Installer: update to SQL Server JDBC driver 6.2.1
14012 - Installer: update Informix JDBC to 12.10xC9
14013 - Installer: update mysql-binlog-connector to 0.13.0
14020 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_144
14021 - Oracle: Dynamically restart logminer session when publications are added/removed and we are uisng the SQ_CATALOG join
14022 - Oracle: Don't default to use SQ_CATALOG join for pluggable databases.
14027 - Windows Installer: allow user to specify ProgramData location
14028 - Windows installer: allow selection of DB2 instance
14032 - Installer: update MySQL connector to 5.1.43
14038 - Oracle: Create indexes on staging tables to improve performance of UNDO operation staging.
14039 - Oracle: Agent not detecting undo-inserts (used to rollback deletes)
14040 - Oracle: Detect when Logminer returns incorrect transaction id for undo records.
14041 - Oracle: tuning of commit frequency
14042 - Oracle: add more statistics counters to help tuning/analysis
13931, 13932 - Support for Oracle geometry data type
14043 - Windows Installer: create db2 ACTIVATE DATABASE scheduled task
14045 - Reduce number of control database connections used by Agent
14056 - Oracle: improve Log Miner SQL parsing

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