Configuring Pruning of Control Tables

The pruneInterval property controls how frequently the Capture Agent control tables are reviewed to delete change data that is no longer needed. The default behavior is for the Capture Agent to prune the control tables every 30 minutes. The optimum pruning interval depends on how much change data is generated and the activity and available storage space of your network. The pruning operations can affect the availability of the Capture Agent such that one or more subscriptions may report an error in polling for changes. This type of error is automatically resolved when the Capture Agent is available again. If there is adequate storage space you can increase the frequency of the polling interval to allow more change data to accumulate before it is pruned.

The pruneRetention property specifies the minimum time (specified in hours) that data should be retained in the staging database. Normally, staged data may be pruned as soon as it is applied to the destination database. Set this parameter to a non-zero value to use the Replay function of SQDR, which avoids the need to re-baseline destination tables in disaster recovery scenarios where the destination database is recovered from a backup. See Data Replication Manager help (drmgr.chm) for details of the Replay function. Note that this is the minimum time that data is retained; it may be retained longer if an SQDR client is not actively retrieving updates.