Connecting to SQDR Control Center

Connect to the SQDR Control Center with a browser by either selecting the SQDR Control Center shortcut in the SQDR Plus program group (Windows), or by starting a browser and entering the URL (assuming you accepted the default jetty port values during installation).

You can also connect to the SQDR Control Center from another machine by starting a browser and entering the URL http://mysqdrplus:8080/SQDRManager or https://mysqdrplus:8443/SQDRManager (where mysqdrplus is the hostname of the SQDR Plus platform).

If you choose the SSL connection and are using the self-signed SSL certificate included with the installation, the browser will issue a warning about the certificate; allow an exception to connect.

If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows Server system and Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled, open Internet Options from the Tools menu and add the above URLs to the Trusted Sites zone on the Security tab.

When prompted for credentials, enter user SQDR and the Launch Agent Control Database (Derby) password you supplied during installation.

Your SQDR Control Center login session will remain active for two weeks; you will not be prompted again for credentials unless you select Logoff in SQDR Control Center, clear the cookies in your browser, or restart the SQDR Plus jetty service.

If the browser is unable to connect to SQDR Control Center, check the following: