Set Journal Start Position (Db2 for i source)

This dialog allows you to specify a specific startup position for a single journal or for all journals. The selected timestamp must be specified in the source database's timezone. When the startup timestamp for a journal is modified, the timestamp (but no journal receiver or sequence information) will be displayed in the Agent Summary panel until the agent is restarted.

When the replication worker responsible for the journal is started, it will log the startup timestamp and the last committed SQDR Plus transaction-id. That transaction-id can be used in the SQDR Data Replicator Manager to specify a position for starting a replay operation for the groups replicating from the affected journals.

Setting the journal startup timestamp enables you to force the SQDR Plus agent to re-read journal entries that have already been processed pruned from the SQDR Plus agent's staging tables, allowing the SQDR client to re-process those entries.

The following is an example of a log entry created in agent's diagnostics (capture_agent0.log) when the agent is started:

INFO RemoteJournalReader.initializeServiceProgram:MYLIB.QSQJRN Starting from specific timestamp:2013-07-20- Use "TransactionId": 0000000000000017EB42 as client read/replay position.

INFO Starting Journal processing from: MYLIB/QSQJRN2165 00000000000000003102