Maintaining the Order of Transactions

The default behavior of SQDR Plus is to ensure that replications are consistent at transaction boundaries. This behavior can be changed by configuring useTxSequence=true. This property is useful if the target table has any foreign constraints defined on it, such as the target of an incremental replication defined with "unique constraints." The setting preserves the order of the source updates on the target side and is useful if you are using triggers on the target and need updates to arrive in the order they were performed at the source. The update order is always maintained within each table; this setting is useful if the update order between tables is important.

An example is a single transaction that updates table A, then table B, then table A, then table B. Without this setting, the changes would be applied as A,A,B,B, Commit; with this setting, the order would be A,B,A,B, Commit.