Removing the SQDR Plus Exit Program

SQDR Plus installs an exit program to prevent the premature removal of journal receivers it needs when working with subscribed tables. If you wish to manage journal receivers yourself, use the following instructions to remove the exit program.

Make sure that the Agent is configured as follows:


Call the CALOGMGT program to remove any current exit program registration known to the SQDR application:


Use the WRKREGINF command to delete any remaining occurrence of the registration program for SQDR/CADLTRCV left from a previous installation/update:

  1. Enter WRKREGINF at a command line.

  2. Page down to a Journal Receiver exit point:


  1. Enter 8 in the Opt field to the left of the exit point entry and press Enter.

  2. At the Work with Exit Program display, identify the exit program entry for “CADLTRCV” in library “SQDR” and enter a 4 (Remove).

  3. Press Enter.