Summary View of a Staging Agent

This panel shows you the current status of the Staging Agent.

If the Staging Agent is active, You should see Capture Agent (Server status) as Running and Agent (TCP Listener) as Active.  If you have created subscriptions, the display will show an active worker for each journal or log being monitored.

For a Db2 for i source, you can pause and resume an individual worker by selecting the checkbox next to the worker and then selecting OFFLINE or ONLINE from the Resource menu.

For a Db2 for i source, you can select the checkbox next to a worker and select View Metadata from the Resource menu to display the subscribed tables associated with each journal and the type of journaling (*BOTH or *AFTER) in use.

If you have configured the Agent for High Availability (usingFailover=true) you can select a worker and change its status to Standby from the Resource menu.